The Foxes were the first football club that played at White Hart Lane in 1887; twelve years before Spurs.

At the present moment in the breathless premier league title race between the Foxes and the Spurs I liked the piece of research that I discovered today that the Foxes were the first association football club that ever played at White Hart  Lane in  1887; twelve years before Spurs and to add insult to injury they played in all white.

Of course this an obscure early football club from north London called the Foxes FC rather than Leicester City. They were formed in 1881 and originally played association football at  Silver Street and got changed at “Pymmesfield” and their first Hon. Sec. was  F. Rowntree of Fernie Knowe, Crouch Hill

In1885 they played  at Fairfield Road, Edmonton wearing a white strip with red band on each arm. In 1887 they moved to White Hart Lane, Edmonton and changed prior to the match at Northumberland Park Chapel, which is on the north side of the road almost opposite Worcester Avenue.

It seems the Foxes FC became extinct in 1887.