Sheffield and the Rugby code: How Alfred Cattell (Lord Mayor & S.U.F.C. chairman) eventually introduced rugby to the town in 1884, following a long resistance to the ball-carrying code.

Pa Jackson : how did the non-public school boy and son of a Devonian cattle salesman gain entrance to the inner circle on the FA Board ?

Sheffield United win the F.A. Cup : New crowd pictures from the 1899 Crystal Palace final taken by Jasper Redfearn

John Charles Clegg was born 170 years ago : Athlete, England international and chairman of Wednesday FC, the Sheffield Football Association and the Football Association

Sir Leslie Ward (‘Spy’) : Famous cartoonist for ‘Vanity Fair’ and the ‘Graphic’ who drew an iconic early representation of the Eton Wall Game in 1874

The International Football Conference of 1882: the story of the short-lived National Football Association and the creation of the International Football Association Board (IFAB)

Sheffield v Scotland : The Inter-City games 1874-1960

Who needs Pickles the dog? Another historically important Sheffield football cup identified and saved for posterity