Bring your Sheffield memorabilia and memories to the Football Treasure Day on October 25th

The free event will feature all the best football treasures that Sheffield FC, Hallam FC, Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United can offer. This is the first time many of their precious items have ever been displayed and it is certainly the first time in 160 years that they have all been in the same room at the same time. If that wasn’t enough the current FA Cup will be on display and you will be able to have your photograph taken alongside it on the day. We are expecting a large crowd so please register your interest at

What we also need are the Sheffield football fans to bring in their treasured memorabilia for the  club historians to appraise and their earliest or best recollection of Sheffield football to be put on to a digital record.

It doesn’t have to be an amazingly collectible piece of football memorabilia , just something that is important to you. Perhaps the very first football shirt you bought, or the earliest programme in your collection. What is up in your loft that you plan to pass down to the next generation? Dust it off and bring it along for our experts and the fellow fans to enjoy.

The other exciting initiative we have planned is to ask everyone attending to leave an oral record of their most treasured football memories. We hope that this will eventually build into a permanent oral history of  Sheffield football. What was the first match you went to? What’s your favourite football chant or song? Which was your first Sheffield derby? What’s your best ever memory of a Sheffield football match?

I have fully revised and updated my book ‘A History of Sheffield Football 1857-1889: Speed, Science and Bottom’ to coincide with this important anniversary. The new book has 28 extra pages, 20 new images and a new fold out map. It features new chapters celebrating the 160th anniversary of the 1858 Sheffield Rules and the fact that Sheffield is the Home of Football.

You can buy the book here: