Youdan Cup. Results of the First Round

“Sheffield – Youdan’s Football Cup. The first series of matches played by some of the Sheffield football clubs for the silver cup presented by Thomas Youdan, Esq, to the clubs of the town and neighbourhood took place at Sheffield, on Saturday last, the 16th last, with the following results: – First Draw; 1. United Mechanics v. Norton, at Norton. – Won by Norton by one goal and three rouges to one rouge. 2 Mackenzie v. Garrick, at the Orphanage – Mackenzie won by one goal and two rouges to nothing. 3, Hallam v. Heeley, at Hallam – Hallam won by two goals and two rouges to one rouge. 4, Norfolk v. Fir Vale, at Norfolk Park – Norfolk won by two goals and four rouges to nothing. 5. Broomhall v. Pitsmoor, at Ecclesall road – Broomhall won by two rouges to nothing. 6. Milton v. Wellington, at the Orphanage – Milton won by two goals and four rouges to nothing. The following is the order in which the matches are drawn to be played on Saturday next:-Norfolk v. Broomhall at Norfolk Park; Hallam v Norton, at Norton; Mackenzie v. Milton, at Orphanage (ground of the latter), The rules for guidance of clubs contending for the cup are as follows: – 1. The games to be played by twelve a-side, 2. The games to commence punctually at three o’clock. No waiting for players allowed. 3. That each game be played one hour and a half in the usual way, but at the end of that time a draw takes place the clubs play again to toss for choice of goals, and play on. The first point scored to decide the game: but if after one hour’s okay the game still remains a draw, it is adjourned to Monday, at three o’clock. 4. That for each match there be two umpires and one referee the decision of the referee to be final.”