The Avengers FC 1867


Charles Alcock seems to be behind this hard to track down team that never seemed to affiliate to the FA.

AVENGERS V WESTMINSTER SCHOOL.A match was played at Vincent-square on Saturday last, the 2inst, which resulted in an easy triumph for the Avengers by one goal to none. The game was commenced punctually at three o’clock, the Westminster’s having won the toss, playing up from the lower goal with a rather strong breeze in their favour. In spite of the disadvantages under which the Avengers commenced the combat, the united strength of their team, who played extremely well together, combined with the formidable conjunction of goal-keeping which represented them, soon enabled them to take the lead, which they ably sustained until conclusion of the game. From the commencement the Westministers were surrounded by an almost impossible line of assailants who completely frustrated all the energetic efforts made by their opponents to break the barrier by which they were surrounded. Many attempts were made by the Avengers to secure the school goal, which was splendidly defended on this occasion but without success, until a kick from the side into the centre of the ground gave a chance to the expectant Bowen, who, by an extremely well-guided shot , directed the ball through the desired space between the Westminster goal-posts. With the change of goals the two sides once more rushed into the fray, the Avengers now sided by the wind, bringing all their forces to the front, and utterly abandoning all defence of their goal, which assuredly would have fallen on the foot of the C.E. Blackmore, had he not delayed his kick a little too long, and thus enabled the avenging goal-keepers to reach their own territory in time to save their endangered goal. This was, indeed, the only occasion on which the Avengers goal was at all threatened, the ball but rarely reached their territory. In spite however, of the numerous attempts made by the avenging team to increase the advantage they had gained, the defence exhibited by the Westministers was too good to allow any further success to their opponents, who accordingly remained the victors from one goal to none. It is but fair to the Westministers, to state that they lost on this occasion the valuable services of two of their best players (F. Miller and A. G. Lee), though we do not think they could in any way have prevented the victory gained by the strangers. For the Avengers, who made their first appearance on this occasion, E. E. Bowen showed very prominently, while the efforts of the two vagrant highkickers to immortalise themselves over the neighbouring houses were very loudly applauded. The Westminsters, though defeated were certainly not disgraced in succumbing to such a formidable team; to us, however, they appeared to play in weary style, as if fagged by too much practice. W. Jr Dixon played for them with more than his usual energy. The following is a list of the players:

Westminster school: S. H. West (captain), E. C. Bovill, A. G. Lee, (J. C. O’Brien), W. J. Dixon, H. R. Dupre, F. Miller (W. W. Neill), G. H. Lee, C. E. Bickmore, J. C. Smith, H. S. Curteis and S. Randolph.

Avengers: E. Freeth (captain), C. W. Alcock, R. Babington, E. E. Bowen, A. Crompton, R. D. Elphinstone, H. Forsyth, Q. Hogg, B. J. Holland, C. F. Reed, P. Rhodes, and C. M. Tebbut.

The Sportsman – Tuesday 05 March 1867


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