Charles Ashpitel Denton

Name:Charles Ashpitel Denton
Birth:24 October 1852
Clubs played for:Wanderers FC
Football Code played:Association
Position played:Winger
University/College:Bradfield College, Trinity College (Oxford)
Biography: Two-time FA Cup winner in 1877 and 1878.Son of a vicar. Charles A. Denton made 41 appearances for the Wanderers and scored 11 goals. Denton played for the Wanderers for ten seasons. Denton qualified as a solicitor in 1880 and later became assistant secretary of the Union Bank of London. In 1891, he was appointed Secretary of the London Assurance Corporation based at the Royal Exchange.

Facts from the Football Annuals“Wanderers: A fast wing player not a good shot at goal”. 1879 Football Annual
“Wanderers: A fast wing player not a good shot at goal”. 1880 Football Annual