No public football played in Sheffield in the 1840s

This interesting insight came up on twitter last month from the Chatto Book of dissent

Whilst folk football was thriving north of Sheffield around Thurlstone and Penistone is seems that within the confines of Sheffield there was no where left for the working classes to kick a ball around. It would be 1857 when the upper middle class formed Sheffield FC who played in the private field adjoining Park House the home of Frederick Ward. If you download the ‘Sheffield Home of Football ‘ walking app  you  will see that area is now occupied by the large B&Q store on Queens road.

The only football being played in Sheffield in the 1840s would have been in the three private schools ; Sheffield Grammar school, Wesley College and the Collegiate school.

Read more about the early years of Sheffield football in ‘A History of Sheffield Football 1857-1889: Speed, Science and Bottom’

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