John Charles Shaw : Founder of Hallam FC died 99 years ago today

John Charles Shaw (23rd January 1834- 23rd November 1918) initially worked as a Law Stationer and was heavily involved in the aftermath of the Sheffield flood tragedy of 1864. He is most famous as the main founder of Hallam FC in 1860.

Charles Shaw founder of hallam fc

Charles Shaw founder of hallam fc

In my research, I have never been able to corroborate John Shaw as an earlier player for Sheffield FC, but by 1860 he is the Hon. Sec. of Hallam FC, a position he held until 1863, when he would have been thirty-three years of age. Then all the footballing newspaper reports stop for Shaw and are replaced with reports of his competition in athletic events. In 1864 he became a committee member for Sheffield Football Club. By 1868 Shaw was Vice President of the Sheffield Football Association and in 1869 he became President, a position he would hold for 14 years until 1882. From 1870 he was also Hallam FC President a position he held until 1874. In 1875 Shaw was appointed the organizing secretary for the Conservative Party for England and Wales.

He was the man that somehow lost possession of the Youdan Cup after buying it an auction in October 1886. At some point thereafter it ended up in an Edinburgh Antique Shop where Hallam FC were able to buy it back.

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